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Ratko Adamovic has been living and working for 30 years as a professional
writer. Fully dedicated to literature, Adamovic has never been, nor is he
now, a member of any political party. Thus, he has achieved a status of
a completely free and fully professional writer. Naturally, for such an
attitude and dedication, many a time during his career he has suffered
open suppression and more often secrete obstacles in furthering his

Adamovic studied comparative literature at the Faculty of Philology of
the Belgrade University. However, besides literature, his subjects of both
interest and practice have been also the esthetics and theory of
literature, anthropology, the history of myths and legends, psychology
and philosophy. He has, therefore, besides his novels, published numerous
items on these comparative subjects. Finally, he is one of a very few in
the contemporary Serbian culture to write about foreign books.

From 1970ís to 1990ís, Adamovic has been fully engaged at the Serbian
Writers?Union. With Danilo Kis and many other renowned writers together,
but often alone, he has been organizing and leading the prominent
Belgrade International Writers Meetings, attended by writers from around
the globe.

A special activity of Ratko Adamovic
at the Writers Union was his position as
the editor of the ďFrancuska 7?readings
where several times a week he
presented or launched new books,
arranged discussions on new literary
trends, assessed and valued
contemporary Serbian literature. It is
worth mentioning that the "Francuska
7" in the former Yugoslav single-party
system, played a significant role in the
conceiving and developing of the large
democratic processes. There were
gatherings held of the "disobedient"
authors, forbidden books were
presented and discussions were held on
many taboo topics. The editor and
moderator of those gatherings was
Ratko Adamovic.
Adamovicís interviews in the media, both electronic media and in the
press, have always gained wide interest. He traveled to many foreign
countries where he held literary readings and lectures about
contemporary Serbian literature and new trends in the contemporary
European literature.

A writer with wide interest in various topics, Adamovic besides his
dedicated work on his own books, finds time to write about foreign books,
translated and published locally (i.e. books on anthropology,
interdisciplinary research, psychological-anthropological themes, books
researching in the dilemmas of the mythological, penetrate into the layers
of civilization and discoveries) and inevitably about novels and theoretical
books of foreign authors.

Ratko Adamovic has published the following books:

?/font> Yellow Submarine
/stories 1971/
?/font> Rope
/novel 1977/
?/font> Sznur
/novel 1982/
?/font> Everobody Dies
/stories 1979/
?/font> Nude Guard
/novel 1982/
?/font> Workshop for Madness
/novel 1986/
?/font> Sacred Oak
/novel 1990,1992/
?/font> Caravansary
/novellas 1993/
?/font> Pagan Protocol
/novel 1995/
?/font> Immortal Kaleb
/novel 1997,1998/
?/font> Kantarion
/novel 1998/
?/font> Clay Readers
/novel 2000/
The garden of spirits
/essays 2002, some of which were
translated into English and French/
School of night
/novel 2003/
/novel 2005, folio 1 of his
selected works/
Adamovicís stories and novellas were dramatized and played on the
radio, film and in the theater. Adamovic was translated into German,
English, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Greek and
Russian languages. His stories, novellas and excerpts from his novels
were published in many foreign anthologies.

He published quite a number of literary critiques, essays and papers on
both local and foreign writers and books. He translated from the English
language. He held several series of lectures on the Serbian literature in
the United States and in Canada.

The Glass Forgers is the first book in the series of his selected novels.

His latest novel, the Skipper, was published in October 2007.

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